Bit Path - Lisp and game development

Making a game in a lisp

Quick & dirty project-wide fuzzy search in vim

Fuzzy searching in vim, the worst possible way.

Make Conway's Game of Life in WebAssembly

WebAssembly is a good option for computationally expensive tasks due to its predefined execution environment and memory granularity.

Making of FOURFOLD

Postmortem of a game I made for the JS13k game competition.

Web Interface for Retroshare - Final Update

The high-level architecture of the application, code patterns, and roadmap for further development.

Web Interface for Retroshare - Update 2

Second progress update. More details about the revamped UI.

Web Interface for Retroshare - Update 1

Update on the development process of Retroshare's new web interface.

A new Web Interface for Retroshare

A post about the reason behind creating a new web interface for Retroshare.