Fun stuff I've built.

 Screenshot of the plugin

Plugin to manage Kubernetes resources from vim.

 Screenshot from the game

WebGL game in 13kb made for the JS13k game jam.

RetroShare Web UI
 Screenshot of the interface

Web interface for Retroshare, built with Mithril.js.

Raymarching renderer
 Screenshot from the renderer

Raymarching renderer that runs on the web using WebGL2.

Bit Path
 Screenshot from the game

Short puzzle game made in a lisp for the Fennel game jam.

Grave Runner
 Screenshot from the game

3D endless runner game written purely in CSS, without any JS.

This website
 Screenshot of the website

You're looking at it!

React Shuffle
 Screenshot of the app

Example app that demonstrates how to use 3D CSS animations with React.

 No image available

[WIP] An experimental Wayland screen locker in Rust.

 No image available

[WIP] A standalone X11 window compositor in Rust.